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Why Buy Used Cars from Gossett Hyundai South?

The allure of a new car is strong. There’s nothing better than a vehicle with all the latest amenities. However, a new vehicle might not always be the best choice when purchasing a car. For many car searchers, the better option could be a used vehicle.

Used vehicles are not a consolation prize. Pre-owned vehicles have quite a few of their own benefits that new vehicles just don’t possess. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why your next car could be a used car from Gossett Hyundai South!

Used Vehicles Depreciate Less

The instant you drive a new car off the lot, depreciation sets in. If you want to sell that car for close to the price you paid for it, good luck! You vehicle’s value drops almost instantly when it makes the switch from “new” to “used.” When you buy a used vehicle, however, the car has already experienced new car depreciation, meaning its value is easier to retain and the price you could get reselling it could be a lot closer to the price you initially paid.

Used Vehicles Cost Less

Speaking of value, you can save a lot more money by buying used. New vehicles come with all the coolest bells and whistles, but they also come with a larger price tag. Plus, you can often find a used vehicle from that’s just a few years old that has not gone through many changes for the current model year, with plenty of the latest features intact. Be sure to do your research before buying new – you could save a lot of money and still find what you want!

Lower Insurance Rates for Used Vehicles

Rolling right on along with the theme of saving money, used vehicles often have much lower insurance rates than their new counterparts. Making sure that nothing happens to your new vehicle can be a costly investment. With used vehicles, the same job can be done at a much lower price. You could save a fortune in monthly payments!

Whether it’s the initial price tag, the lower depreciation rates or the lower insurance rates, a used vehicle is an investment that can save you a lot of money down the road. By skipping some of those new features, you can hang onto a lot more dollars!

Want to learn more? Contact Gossett Hyundai South today to check out our great inventory of used cars in many makes and models, including plenty of used Hyundai SUVs, sedans and coupes! Our low-pressure environment and friendly staff will make you feel right at home. For more information, give us a call today or stop by our store in Southeast Memphis!


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