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Summer Service Tips | Gossett Hyundai South | Memphis, TN

Summer Service Tips | Gossett Hyundai South | Memphis, TN

Regular service and maintenance are a key part of vehicle ownership. If you’d like to preserve the resale value of your car and prevent breakdowns, it’s important to bring your car to qualified professionals for seasonal care. In the summer, you’ll want to perform these and other maintenance tips to ensure that your ride is up for the task of handling road trips and seasonal fun.


Cooling System


Temperatures soar in the summer, so you’ll need to keep your car cool. To ensure this, start by checking the coolant levels and hoses. Watch carefully for any leaks, especially where the hoses connect. To check them, squeeze the hoses to ensure they are firm and be sure to watch for cracks—just be sure to only check when the engine is cool.

Top Off Fluids


In addition to coolant/antifreeze, you need to check the various other fluids in your vehicle and top them off. Check the washer fluid, brake, power steering, and transmission fluids, as well as your oil levels. Make sure the car is on a level surface when you check and read your owner’s manual carefully to see optimal conditions for checking levels.

Replace the Wipers


Why replace the wipers in the summer? Winter and spring usually take a toll on the wipers, as ice, snow, rain, and sleet can wear down the blades quickly. If you replaced wipers recently, check them for any cracks or other signs of wear. If you haven’t, keep in mind that you should be getting a new set of blades about every six months.

Air Filter


For those looking for optimal efficiency, you should clean your car’s air filter or replace it. Many air filters will last for more than a year, so if you replaced yours recently, spray out any debris that may cause poor airflow. Many modern cars also have cabin air filters that you can change yourself—a good idea if you have allergies this time of year.

These are just some of the important maintenance steps you should take to ensure your vehicle is as ready for summer as you are. If you want these services done by the professionals, stop into Gossett Hyundai South.

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