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Fuel Filter

Helpful Service Tips - The Importance of Changing Your Fuel Filter

What is a fuel filter?

The fuel filter is a car part that sits between the fuel pump and fuel injectors. It’s all in the name—the fuel filter filters deposits out of the fuel so it’s pure when injected into the engine. Obviously, the fuel filter provides a vital service, because if dirty fuel were being injected into the engine, it would reduce engine performance and could damage the fuel pump and injectors.

The filter keeps all of this from happening, protecting the pump and injectors as well as keeping impurities out of the engine, so it’s important to make sure the fuel filter is working properly. When a fuel filter is clogged, it can affect engine performance and even stop the car from working completely.


How often should my fuel filter be replaced?

That said, fuel filters shouldn’t need to be replaced very often if you drive a newer car. It used to be recommended as often as every 20,000 miles, but many manufacturers today recommend every 30, 60, or even 150,000 miles. Some even boast to produce “lifetime fuel filters,” but it’s best to check the fuel filter every once in a while anyway.

How can I tell if it’s time to replace my fuel filter?

There are a few signs that your fuel filter might be going bad, mostly concerning engine performance. If you find that the engine is hesitating when you press on the gas, the car stalls out often, it won’t start at all, or the performance fluctuates at different speeds. If you notice any of these are ongoing issues, you may want to either take your car in to have the fuel filter looked at or check it yourself.


Helpful Tips

While it depends on the vehicle, fuel filters aren’t usually hard to replace because they’re easy to reach—most of the time. Not as easy as an oil change but less complex than some other repairs, replacing a fuel filter should be easy enough for beginners or intermediate learners. But if you aren’t sure how to do it properly, we at Gossett Hyundai South would be glad to help. Give us a call or schedule an appointment with our certified service team today!

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